Eleanor Johnston and Wayne Fraser are self-published authors of mysteries outside the murder mystery genre. Written in the Canadian Region of Niagara, their books are both informative and entertaining for readers who want to learn and enjoy.

Eleanor’s latest novel—Churchland—is a comic romance that tells what it’s like to be a person—clergy or laity—involved in a fictional Anglican church today. The outspoken young protagonist, Rev. Marcia Peters, blurts out ideas and ironies that many readers will have thought but are discretely careful to avoid saying out loud. Add to the plot extreme snowstorms, various romances, intense church politics, and you will meet—

  • The bishop whose motto is “One drink, one story, one song!”
  • The convert—a Good Old Boy
  • Fundamentalists vs heretics
  • The hilarious preparation for a funeral service
  • A Christmas Eve service you’ll never forget
  • Bullying in the church office
  • A lesbian couple married by—can’t say, can’t give away the plot
  • The evolving church bazaar
  • Quarrels at Niagara Falls
  • Father Raymond, a priest who has trouble retiring
  • Three love stories—four, actually

This novel is fictional. Father Raymond, for instance, is not anyone you or anyone else knows. Rev. Marcia Peters is likewise totally fictional; however, several actual female priests have asked, “How did you know my story?” Jordan Harbor Anglican is not based on either St. John’s Anglican in Jordan or on Jordan Station United. The book fictionalizes the streets and buildings of the real Jordan while attempting to capture the feel of the real place. The same can be said of Niagara Falls, Vineland and the Hamilton Airport. The focus of the book is the story of the young priest learning why and how churches need to get on with doing what they do best.

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