Dr. Donald Daiker writes:

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“Vacationing last week at North Litchfield Beach, South Carolina, I had the pleasure of reading the recently published novel ‘Hemingway’s Island’ by Eleanor Johnston & Wayne Fraser, wonderful people I met at the Petoskey Hemingway Conference in June. Hemingway’s island is, of course, Cuba, and the novel follows a young couple seeking to find the lost manuscript of Mary Hemingway’s account of their final days–July 19-July 25, 1960–before leaving the island for good. I especially enjoyed the sections of the novel in Mary’s fictional voice: Johnston and Fraser convincingly capture her wit and irreverence. It’s a well-researched and fair-minded book, and it taught me a lot about Hemingway’s later years.”

Donald A. Daiker
Professor Emeritus
Department of English
Miami University

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