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Dear neighbours, friends and colleagues, the excitement was palpable as Wayne and I examined an author’s copy of EAST, WEST, HAME’S BEST! It’s taken three years of intense concentration to shape the anecdotes and tall tales while preserving the characters’ historical integrity. Now you don’t have to wait any longer for a first edition of this book. It is ready for distribution.

During the process of writing, I discovered that my fifth book is a miscellany—think of the adjective ‘miscellaneous’ and you’ll get the idea. Three women—me, my mother and my grandmother—are the dominant narrative voices.

There is an actual first edition of a “Pioneer Story” in the tradition of Traill and Moodie.

Most gruesome is “The Curse of the Johnstons.” This 1069-word curse was first declaimed by the Archbishop of Glasgow in 1525. These Johnstons were known to be the most determined of the cattle rustlers.

The front cover shows a beautiful young lady wearing a paisley shawl given by Sir Walter Scott to my great, great Grandmother whom he nicknamed a “Fair Maid of Perth.”

One section asks readers to reconsider the veracity of Michael Ondaatje’s version of the building of the Bloor Street Viaduct.

Brim full of entertainment and education, we plan to host, after Covid, author’s readings and signings at libraries, bookstores and homes throughout the summer and fall. The price per book is $19.95 retail. If you order a copy from Amazon, you also pay for shipping. Here is a “universal” link that will point you to my new paperback and eBook: http://getbook.at/EWHB

Watch this space for future notifications. I suggest that you might want to pick up a copy for a fascinating read.

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